Plus One is a one-on-one performance about intimacy. It offers a playful action of recreating a jigsaw puzzle with the artist. The image appearing in front of our eyes is the foundation for a conversation about conviviality, affinity, eroticisation of the gaze and other topics. This performance was conceived during the first lockdown in 2020.

For Sophie Guisset, doing puzzles was a fundamental activity, a sort of mental escape during a period of isolation. It had therapeutic virtues, providing a way to focus her mind on a task at hand and get her thoughts in order. By sharing time with only one spectator at a time, she creates an intimate relationship with a stranger, until a subtly erotic tension emerges between the hands and the eyes, searching for an additional part

︎ Full video on request

 Concept & performance
Sophie Guisset
 Dramaturgy Lisa Vereertbrugghen
 Sound design
 Diana Dobrescu, aka as the triple identity, Transmedia artist,   Monica Kinolta, Dance Divine, Cyborg Amazone

 The image used for the puzzle was created in collaboration
film director Goodyn Green

 With the support of
 BUDA - coproduction (BE)
 Bâtard festival (BE)
 Garage 29 (BE)
 Workspacebrussels (BE)