On Poetry, Sport, etc...


On poetry, sport, etc” is a choreographic project created collaboratively by Sophie Guisset, performance maker and Fanny Brouyaux, dancer and choreographer.

Together, they stage an emancipatory journey. Starting from the sensation of an impeded speech, a muffled cry, they create two characters, expressing  their own contradictions. They begin in a sporting and challenging way, an obstacle course where a multitude of incidents and falls might destabilize their determination. The violence of their failure reveals the limits and absurdity of their stubbornness.

Through the skylight of their experience, it is a battle that is fought and seeks its weapons: the intense energy, the state of alert, and the solidarity that is indispensable to provoke any changes.

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︎ Full video on request

 Creation & interpretation Fanny Brouyaux & Sophie Guisset
 Dramaturgy Claire Diez
 External eyes - Choreographic coaches
 Moya Michaël and Louise Vanneste
 Sound creation Christophe Rault
 Lighting designer Raphaël Rubbens
 Executive production TMTT a.s.b.l
 Co-production Charleroi Danse
 Accueil Studio POLE-SUD - CDCN -Strasbourg
 Photo Credit Julien Carlier

 With the support of 
 Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles Service de la Danse
 Réseau Grand Luxe 2018
 Materiais diversos (PT)
 Théâtre de la Balsamine (BE)
 Tanzhaus Zurich (CH)
 3CL (LU)
 Le Vivat (FR)
 Le théâtre La Coupole (FR)  
 Le Théâtre Varia (BE)