Workshop — 3 hours 

With HOT SAUCY STORIES, Sophie Guisset is guiding a writing workshop on erotic and sexual imagination. Through a guided writing practice, the participants will investigate their own fantasies and projections and discover potential erotic lifes that (don’t) belong to them.

The workshop deals with sexuality, but firmly remains in the realm of language and imagination. No body work or touch. Stories are written and shared strictly anonymously.

The workshop will be guided in French or English

Performance — 30 minutes

Hot Saucy Stories performance is a reading performance for a group of maximum 10 people. The guests are invited to read out loud some erotic stories that have been written during the writing workshop. In the meantime, Sophie is cooking a very special sauce, to be enjoyed at the end of the reading. The performance lasts 30 minutes and can be done several times a day.

Other forms of reading performances can be imagined in collaboration with the venue.