Bond Apart


Bond Apart is a choreographic project built around the notion of facelessness. The initial research was driven by our shared observation of humans failing in their humanity, and our desire to imagine an ideal version of womankind.

We are interested in working with constructed bodies that can easily transform into anonymous entities that can be everyone or everything.
We believe that today in order to talk about humanity we need to distance ourselves from it. We need to become an Other in the form of unknown creatures, in order to become aware of what makes us humans.

Bond Apart is a performance that explores humanity by leaving the humans behind.

 Concept and performance Sophie Guisse, Olga Tsvetkova
 Sound and light design Stefano Sgarbi

 DAS Theatre Amsterdam
 Supported by
 BUDA Kortrijk (BE)
 Julidans Festival (NL)
 Meyerhold Theatre Center (RU)